• Foto de Wedeene River trails
  • Foto de Wedeene River trails
  • Foto de Wedeene River trails

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perto de Lakelse Lake, British Columbia (Canada)

These trails go by several names and continue to grow. Have not been able to gps the rest of the trails in the area but this is a area you could easily spend a day exploring in their. Parking on the terrace side at the Onion LK ski trails and roughly 30-40 km of FSR riding before you reach the trails. Also accessible from the Kitimat side FSR

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  • Foto de SteveBC

    SteveBC 22/nov/2017

    Curious as to where this is.... If able please provide more details. https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/wedeene-river-trails-20965402/photo-13126565

  • Foto de terraceatvsxs@hotmail.com

    terraceatvsxs@hotmail.com 23/nov/2017

    unfortunately i did not mark the cabin on my gps. https://www.wikiloc.com/atv-trails/wedeene-river-trails-20965402/photo-13126565

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