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perto de Claireville, Ontario (Canada)

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  • Acehunter 27/nov/2014

    Is there anyone that actually tried this?? I would love to go on this trip that would be awesome :)

  • Foto de Der Alte

    Der Alte 28/nov/2014

    We did the tour in 2008. Great tour! Long distances though, at least for European norms. The weather could have been better.

  • Foto de Larry Pearce

    Larry Pearce 8/dez/2014

    wondering if this trail is still available and what passes u need to ride it?

  • Foto de pkearneyinnb@gmail.com

    pkearneyinnb@gmail.com 24/fev/2017

    Just casting what can charitably be called a "quick" glance over this track tells me that it is anything but an ATV trail....most of it is on major highways.....

  • Brad Larkin 25/fev/2021

    Not a valid trail. Can’t ride major roads

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