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perto de Oosterweel, Flanders (Belgique)

Starting point is August Vermeylenlaan where you can park for free.

The tour starts at the left side of the Schelde/Linkeroever.
First you pass Sint Anna-Plage:

Jachthavenweg (bad underground but skateable) takes you to the Thonetlaan where you follow this road until the Voetgangerstunnel:

The tunnel takes you to the right side of the Schelde/Rechteroever and the bicycle path (partly tiles) on the quays brings you to the Havenhuis/port house: https://www.visitantwerpen.be/en/sightseeing/architecture-monuments/the-port-house-en
But before you get there keep looking to your right, you pass the Cathedral: https://www.visitantwerpen.be/en/walks-old/walking-tours-monumental-space-en/the-cathedral
and the MAS museum:

You skate back through the Mexicostraat and cross the Mexicobrug. A small part of this road plus the bridge is not skateable, but nobody ever died from a little walking on skates, right?

Next on the route is the Parkbrug. It is a little difficult to get there but it is worth the trouble.
The Parkbrug brings you in Park Spoor Noord:
You can skate a little bit further and come back if you want to see the whole park. That is if you didn’t die on the downhill slope…

Back on the route, a street especially for bikers brings you to Sint Jansplein.
You cross the Leien and go back to the quays.
Should you have missed the view on the Cathedral, here is your second chance.
Follow the quays until you reach the Fietstunnel.
Part of the quays are renewed so it is worth to divert a little from the route and go up to see the view.
The Fietstunnel brings you back to the left side.
Next is the Burchtse Weel, a beautiful piece of nature with excellent underground for skating.
Last point in the route is a lake called Galgenweel.

The route brings you back to the starting point.


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