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perto de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles-Capitale (Belgique)

Probably shortest way to Mechelen although not the most beautiful.

Look on my other routes for a route through the Charleroi canal and Kapelle-op-den-Bos.

From bridge Van Praet (tram van Praet), go north-east along the canal. Further ahead, on some stretches you will have to use roads as cycle lanes are either in poor conditions or non-existent. Keep on until the merge between "Zenne" and Charleroi canal. Right after the merge, cross the bridge and follow traffic signs to Mechelen.

You will be for awhile in a rural road with good cycle lanes. Then, cross Eppegem and zig-zag through a series of residential areas. Unfortunately, lanes along the canal "Zenne" are not paved so are unsuitable for rollers.

In this sector, you will see the railway tracks are your right. Follow Heidestraat (parellel to railway) up to the crossing with Brusselssteenweg. Then turn left and go on for about 300 mts. Then turn right to Hoogstraat and keep on to the end to Hombeek. Turn right (Bankstraat) and follow city centre signs.

I rated this route as difficult because of the distance, stretches on road (calm traffic though) and obstacles such as gravel, edges, cobblestones, etc.

Don't go with girls or you will risk a violent uprising! :)


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