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perto de Badger, Newfoundland (Canada)

I prefer taking this trial to Deer Lake instead of the T'Railway. It is much more scenic and you don't have to drive through town, which saves a little time. It's a dirt road and you might see the odd vehicle so be mindful of traffic. It also takes you right across the street from the DRIFTWOOD INN. 12.6 km

Big Dam near Deer Lake

You can't drive over the dam. The trail by passes it. Sometimes the part of the trail you ride on just behind it is flooded. I haven't seen it, but have heard it happens.

You would obviously need to find another way around if that happened.

Camping Spot1

If there have been heavy rains you won't be able to access this part of the beach because the water will be too high. Depends on the season.
49.16029, -57.15122

Cashin's Grocery Store

48.97692, -56.0363

DriftWood Inn Motel

This Motel has a path directly off the trail to the back door. It's a nice spot with a restaurant in the basement and a few pubs within walking distance. This is the back of the building.
49.16884, -57.43227

End of Hotel and Gas 001

Elevation: 0 feet

Gaff Topsails Mountain Trail

Beautiful rest spot 1879 feet up. You can take your ATV close to the top and there is a great concrete base to park several ATV's.
GPS 49.13535, -56.63149

Gas Station

This Irving gas station was also a convenience store well stocked with supplies for the trip.

It was conveniently located just a minute drive up the road from Trail Blazers.
48.98105, -56.03435

Gas Station - Howley Shopping Ctr

Gas, beer, snacks etc. Actually quite well stocked with odds and ends.
49.16834, -57.11691

Granite Quarry


Grocery Store - Food Land

49.17408, -57.43145

Sandy Beach outside Deer Lake - unofficial camping

This is a sandy beach area overlooking Grand Lake. It's a great place to stop for a break, lunch, or even camping.

It is unofficial meaning it's a beach, not a campground. Usually lots and driftwood for fires.

Sandy Dump

This is a nice spot to play around in the sand, have lunch, take pictures or even camp for the night. Tons of driftwood make for great fires.
49.17076, -57.15847


Tim Horton's Coffee Shop

49.17704, -57.43096

Top of Gaff Top Sails

This is a fantastic spot to have lunch and take in beautiful 360 scenery from the mountain top. Probably one of the most beautiful stops on the entire T'Rail.
GPS 49.13052, -56.63422

Trail Blazers - Efficiency Units

This place fantastic. Nice living room with leather sofas, wasser & dryer, six rooms, patio deck with bbq, well stocked kitchen too. Very reasonably priced and great service from the owner.

I would highly recommend this place if you're looking for a break from camping.


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