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perto de Karenga (New Caledonia)

Well, this outing had a bit of everything. First, there was gaining access to the Mont Tonta hike itself. The trailhead is along a heavily used mining road ... but the road is closed to the public ... or at least public cars. Paul knew somebody who knew somebody and we learned we could throw our bikes over the barrier gate and bike the 5.6 km to the start of the hike. So, knowing it would be a hot and humid day, we got out of Noumea by 6 AM and had all gathered at the gate before 8 AM. So, off we set .... on a 75 minute wrong way start to the hike, gaining 112 meters in the wrong direction. By the time we figured out we were off track, we returned to the very start of the trailhead and officially started the hike at 9:30. Not ideal. The hike is hard (for us older guys). There is no shade anywhere and it is relentlessly vertical, usually at a 30% incline. There is nary a drop of water along the trail so if you ever do this hike, especially in the heat, take LOTS of water. Up until 1970, radio equipment for the Tontouta airport was stationed here and there remains not only the former access road (very slippery and nowhere near driveable) but lots of old pieces of junk metal and such.


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