• Foto de Waugh - Fedorah
  • Foto de Waugh - Fedorah
  • Foto de Waugh - Fedorah
  • Foto de Waugh - Fedorah

Tempo em movimento  2 horas

Hora  4 horas 58 minutos

Coordenadas 3848

Enviada em 28 de Março de 2020

Registrada em Março 2020

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682 m
650 m
32,32 km

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perto de Waugh, Alberta (Canada)

This area was a hell of a lot of fun, given that there was snow and wet conditions that was probably far more difficult than it would be at any other time of the year. Me and three other guys spent probably 5 1/2 six hours out there today and it was absolutely a blast! Make sure that you have somebody with a winter or recovery year of some kind as even one point we went into one spot and got three of us stuck and had to daisychain to pull us out!

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  • Foto de Zulu_Impi_

    Zulu_Impi_ 16/nov/2020

    Eu fiz esta trilha  verificado  Ver mais

    Awesome trail. I posted our version of it in here too.

  • jass4321g 17/jan/2021

    Do i need to take chains for tires?

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