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perto de San Luis Soyatlán, Jalisco (Mexico)

Hiking and Off road
This road was up to hill, rocky and narrow with several cattle doors and many cattle farms almost empty of human souls. In the last mile of the off road, some machetes were needed for clipping of the bushes growing on both sides in order to let our vehicles pass through. Nevertheless, we let them about ½ mile of the lower plateau.
The surroundings of the lower plateau were an oak and madroño (red arbutus unedo) forest, and animal trails with wild cats, small mammals, and deer foot prints. Hunting is prohibited. We started the hiking here in the western part of the mountain through a very dense oak forest and a lot of wild grass that hooked our feet in every step. The forest was loaded of wild orchids, lichens, moss, mushrooms, wild flowers, agaves with very high stalks from the distance on the second plateau, they look like broadcasting antennas.
We made almost 3 hours to reach the summit (9,050 feet) and watched from there on a foggy day; Tapalpa’s Sierra, Sayula’s Dry Lake, Tiger’s Sierra, Jocotepec, San Juan, Cerro Viejo, Ajijic, Chapala and many more. The weather was windy and humid with some rain. We spent almost 1 hour up there; eating with our mouths and eyes the wonderful sightseeing, but we should get down because of the time (17:00 hours).
When we finished 2/3 of downhill, the night caught up us, but we were equipped with GPS and battery lamps, at this very moment in darkness, we took the opportunity to “listen the sound of the mountain”; the wind was blowing in perfect harmony with the forest and the visitors.

Mirador with Cross


hiking starting point/ Plateau

Ponto de amarra

Agave with stalks (antennas)


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