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próximo a San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta (Chile)

Swimming on salt: they said the concentration of salt is even higher than the Dead Sea, you will float very easy. Bring big bottle of water, if the water from the lake gets inside your eyes or hears you should wash or it can irritate a do harm.
Laguna Cejar & Piedras: the one you can swim is Piedras (north) Cejar (south) you can only see from the wooden trail. You can also swim in one of the lakes in Ojos del Salar.
Sunscreen: it is not allow to use sunscreen on the Laguna Cejar area, because the lake water doesn’t go anywhere, the sunscreen stick in the surface of the lake messing with the lake, better apply as soon as you start the trail so you don’t burn and you skin can absorbe more and avoid damage to the nature.
Entrance fee: expensive for Cejar and you pay a bit more again for Tebinquiche.

Probably better to avoid the highway, go from Atacama on a straight line to Laguna Cejar, other people uploaded those trails.
Tours normally go around 4pm, if you can start couple hours earlier maybe around noon should be good.
In Tebinquiche go for the sunset, great colours, you can walk around the lake, maybe 2 hours should be good, 3 if possible, on the west part of the walking trail the path keeps going, I didn’t had time to do it.

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  • Foto de aburigo

    aburigo 4/mai/2017

    Thank you for have recorded the trails! I am driving myself and this is going to be really helpful.

  • Rui* 12/nov/2018

    Just been to Piedras and floated there. They have great facilities at the entrance so you can change and shower with fresh water.

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