473 m
72 m
178,83 km

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próximo a Serpa, Beja (Portugal)

Residential Area
Pedestrianised Street

2 comentários

  • Foto de AfonsoGr

    AfonsoGr 6/jun/2017

    Hi, thanks for the track sharing !
    How easy is the track ? Is possible to do it with a Nissan Patrol with no preparation and road tires ?
    Do you have any suggestion to lunch inside the track ? Maybe near a river or a lagoon.

    Thank you !

  • Foto de F & T Adventures

    F & T Adventures 4/jul/2017

    Hi, Sorry for my late reply, We were discovering some new tracks in Portugal.
    It should be no problem to do this with a standard Nissan Patrol. As I can recall there are few difficult passages.

    Enjoy the track.

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