• Foto de Seokmodo Island Bike Ride
  • Foto de Seokmodo Island Bike Ride
  • Foto de Seokmodo Island Bike Ride
  • Foto de Seokmodo Island Bike Ride
  • Foto de Seokmodo Island Bike Ride

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perto de Chŏngp'o, Incheon (South Korea)

March 27th 2010

Caught the bus from Sinchon bus terminal, near Sinchon Subway Station Line #2 to Oepori Harbour (2 hours, 4000 won) and then a ten minute ferry ride to Seokmodo Island (1000 won). A restaurant near the ferry terminal on the island rents out mountain bikes for 5000 won for three hours, which is enough time to ride around the island. The ride will take you to pebbly beaches, rice paddies, many minbak (guesthouses), restaurants, cafes, markets, a temple and small villages. The terrain is mostly flat especially in relclaimed land areas that has been converted to rice paddies. The northern and southern section of the island is hilly with great down hills and superb views of the ocean. The island is famous for its 꽃개탕 (chilli crab stew with mushroom and prawns).
Ferries run every 15 minutes until 9PM. Buses from Oepori Harbour to Gwang Eup is less frequent. If you arrive when its dark, the unlit "bus terminal" is very quiet and you get the feeling of being stranded. No taxis came by. But after waiting for half an hour, a bus eventually came at 8:35 PM and it took me to Gwangha Eup. However, there are some motels or guesthouses if you are stranded.

You can take bus# 96 to Baekseok Subway station Line #3 near Ilsan in northwestern parts of Seoul. This return fare cost half the price (approx 2000 won). Seoul transport card can be used in Gangwha area.

Minmuru Beach

27-MAR-10 2:05:26PM
Abrigo de montanha gratuito

Dongchon Village

27-MAR-10 4:17:30PM
Ponto de amarra


27-MAR-10 4:47:43PM
Sítio arqueológico







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