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próximo a Joaquim Egídio, São Paulo (Brazil)

Saida de Joaquim Ejidio (distrito de Campinas, SP), sentido Bar da cachoeira, sobe bastante até a igrejinha da Fazenda Santa Maria, depois Bar do Vicentão, desce o nosso chamado K2, sobe o rio Jaguari até a Ponte Quimada, as antenas da Embratel, passa por um canto de Morungaba, um pedaço do BMX, por sinal uma subida muito tecnica, as torres da Embratel, o Observatorio do Capricornio, a Fazenda das Cabras e finalmente o asfalto até Joaquim Egidio.

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  • Foto de DutchBiker

    DutchBiker 22/mar/2009

    I've done this track twice on the 20th and 22nd of march 2009. It is not a very technical track it's just the climbing that makes it hard and exhausting. Coming from a flat country (Holland) it's quite a challenge. I'm just not sure whether I drove the whole trail or just a part of it. According my polar the track was 'just' 25 km's. Many mtb's in the weekend, easy on a friday.


  • Foto de Gringo

    Gringo 22/mar/2009

    Chances are you shortened it a bit. If you check some of the nearby trails there are a couple that are 25KM leaving from Joaquim Ejidio.

  • Foto de DutchBiker

    DutchBiker 23/mar/2009

    Next time I'm in Campinas, I'll bring my bike again and try a few of the other routes. The extra 2 * 11 km's from the city to Joaquim Egidio are a nice warm-up and make it even more interesting.

  • Foto de Mosca SS

    Mosca SS 16/set/2011

    Hi folks... I ride on Joaquim Egidio and know tons of techical trails... just check on www.moscajustforfun.com.br for some pictures! We usually ride on sunday morning, so leave a message if you want to join us!

  • josé maria silveira 1/abr/2012

    I am sure that this track has at least 42km. There is a MAP with this route in detail. One remark, From Vicentão to the River is not K2. This is a common mistake here.]José Maria

  • Foto de Gringo

    Gringo 2/abr/2012

    José Maria. It is a F nickname. Actually there a 2 ways to get to Rio Jaguari From Vicentão. You tell me what each road is called and I'll share my thoughts. K2 is half way around the world from Campinas.

  • josé maria silveira 2/abr/2012

    Dear Gringo, I call it Taquaral, from the bridge over the Jaguari River up to Vicentão there are many bamboo tree, the reason of the nickname.
    From the Jaguary Energy Plant to Vicentão is a road coming from Pedreira. It is easiear than Taquaral.
    K2 is from Antenas da Telebrás up to Fazenda Agata. Try it and send some coments.

  • Foto de Gringo

    Gringo 3/abr/2012

    I've been on the road up to Fazenda Agata from the antens. Folks I ride with call that one "subida do Cafezal. I'm not sure there is still coffee planted but it is a great path. I particularly like it at the top when you ride through the rocks. It is a great place to see the full moon rise, you get the sunset in the west, look behind you and see the moonrise in the east. Then ride down in the dark. :)

  • Foto de evandromucha

    evandromucha 5/mai/2015

    Essa trilha ainda existe?

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