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193 m
2,85 km

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perto de Wissangjŏm, Gyeongsangnam-do (South Korea)

Bulmosan DH 불모산
경상남도 창원시 의창구 용호동 불모산
This trail starts close to the antena installation on top of the Bulmosan mountain and ends on the Seongjusa temple (성주사 거리뷰).
There are a few very steep sections, and rock gardens so this is not a trail for beginners.

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  • Foto de samgmcordinado

    samgmcordinado 8/ago/2019

    Any updates for this trail's

  • Foto de alexander guntert

    alexander guntert 8/ago/2019

    Hi, I have not ridden this trail since I posted it, I left Korea. But give it a shot! It is a nice flowing decent. Good luck!

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