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próximo a Comber, N Ireland (United Kingdom)

There was to be a break in the weather on Sunday, and both of us were keen to try on our new gear. Especially the boots. This represented the first time that we were able to go out on the bike with complete kit. And it feel really good. The route wasn’t going to be too far…down to Inch Abbey outside Downpatrick and then to Sketrick Island (to see Sketrick Castle if we had time). But there was a palpable sense of anticipation and excitement. I lubed up the bike chain and we were off. This time with pillion gripper handles to make her life easier. Again, this was a shrewd move. The drive down was great…the back roads agreeably quiet, and there is, in itself, some spectacular countryside to behold on these roads so in a sense the destination is but a footnote.

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Inch Abbey


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