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It has been an interesting weekend (to say the least). An emotional roller coaster and one that I don’t want to repeat. The weekend started off with excitement, it was a bank holiday and we had Monday off too, so that in itself is cause for celebration. However, we were due to pick up our Cocker Spaniel pup on the Saturday and this was adding extra spice to the whole build up. We collected him on Saturday afternoon and he was just....well....I struggle for words here. He was literally everything you could have asked for: smart, a lovely temperament, handsome, loving...I could go on and on here. He seemed to settle in with ease, and even on the first day seemed to be getting recall commands and his name in his head. He would snuggle up on the sofa for a doze and that little sigh dogs do when they are drifting off, combined with the back legs twitching when he dreamt and the smell of him all melted the heart.

However, we soon realised that both us and the dog had a problem in that leaving him when we went to work would be horrific. This combined with a realisation on my part that I am selfish with my time and energies saw the truth and reality loom over like a dark storm cloud. We had to phone the breeder and leave him back. He was only with us for under 48 hours, but it is a testimony to his character that the impact on my psyche is lasting. Looking at him and playing with him on the morning we were to leave him back has left a scar....my own personality flaws mirrored back to me in his innocent eyes is not something anyone wants to see. It highlights your own flaws.

Tears were shed, and a lot of them.

I cleared my head by taking the bike to ‘Contemplation Pier’ on Mahee Island. A place I always go to when I need to think. I’m glad I did. I miss him with all my heart, but I know the decision was the right one.


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