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The Kingston Mountain Trail takes you from Jean, Nevada (approximately 25 miles Southwest of Las Vegas on Highway 15 to Old Spanish Trail located approximately 50 miles West of Las Vegas.

There are no gas stations anywhere on this trail except at the very beginning of the trail. It would be advisable to carry extra gas if possible.

The first 16 miles are well paved roads, but the roads get progressively worse until you get to Excelsior Mine road where the road turns into a fairly well paved road until the road nears the pass when the road turns into a well maintained gravel road. This is an active mine area and heavy equipment is frequently encountered on the road. Be aware.

Throughout the trail over Kingston mountain, there are many mines on either side of the road.

The road to the west of the pass continues to be a good road for all seasons. It eventually turns into Mesquite Valley Road which is also a well maintained gravel road. Mesquite Valley Road then joins with Tecopa Road. The closest gas is Pahrump, Nevada which is more than 30 miles away. This place is very remote.
This road is terrible but is suitable for a 4x4 or motorcycle. Slow going
Other than a small set of hills to the South, it's still open desert'
At the foot of Kingston Mountain.
This is a short video tour of an open pit talc mine. The talc in this mine is not slippery like the talc rock in some of the other mines. It would make a great movie set though!
First view of a chain of abandoned open pit talc mines. There are 5 or 6 on this short road alone.
On the way up the mountain!
Ranch house is in really great shape.
Inside of a open pit mine.
Inside of a real talc mine. The rocks here are as you would expect for talk - very soft and slippery rock.

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