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  • Vídeo de Diamond Duck Run
  • Vídeo de Diamond Duck Run
  • Vídeo de Diamond Duck Run
  • Vídeo de Diamond Duck Run
  • Vídeo de Diamond Duck Run

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Enviada em 23 de Julho de 2014

736 m
490 m
194,9 km

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perto de Roblin, Manitoba (Canada)

The Diamond Duck Run will take you through all the various types of terrain Duck Mountain MB Forest and Park has to offer; from open fields and valleys to narrow paths that curve through deep forest. This is an extremely fun trail to ride which starts from the Town of Roblin and takes you through Duck Mountain and back. You can get gas and food at the start and mid-way, there are also two other places to stop for a break. The trail goes north from town through Roblin Snowmobile Association trails which lead up to San Clara and past Boggy Creek to get to Childs Lake Lodge in Duck Mountain Park. On the way back, the trail leads south through the Duck Mountain Forest and onto the scenic trails through Bield area which then brings you back to Roblin from the south side of town. Very scenic and gorgeous. Always lots of snow.

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Iron Dog Clubhouse & BBQ Pit (Roblin Snowmobile Association)

Super sweet club castle. Wood stove, windows, cathedral ceiling and lots of room for lots of visitors. Has a deck area and BBQ to roast meat for nourishment. Large play area on the ponds with tons of snow to practice carving and digging yourself out of! Choice of a few marked trails to take for fun play.

Childs Lake Lodge (food 'n' gas)

Lodge with gas service and store with sit down hot food service.
Abrigo de montanha gratuito

Ducks warm up shack

Small shelter with wood stove.


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