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perto de Dapengjialouzi, Liaoning (China)

afternoon of May 8, 2016. windy day.

The Qipanshan Scenic Area, located at 17 kilometers (10.56 miles) northeast of Shenyang City, is the largest natural scenic spot in Shenyang. It is composed of Qipanshan Mountain, Huishan Mountain, Dayangshan Mountain and Xiuhu Lake, also known as the Three Mountains and One Lake.
The scenic area was named after the megalith resembling a chessboard which sits on the mountain. It is famous for its green plants in spring, colorful scenery in summer, maple in autumn and snow in winter.



rest spot

Local religioso

Sun Facing Temple

more then 500 years old. rebuild.

Dam of the lake


Chess board megalith

Ponto de ônibus

bus stop

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  • Foto de mclivancouver

    mclivancouver 20/mai/2016

    Let's do together next time I visit Shenyang, maybe early October this year

  • Foto de Michael Liu

    Michael Liu 20/mai/2016

    good news. expect the day will come soon. this time I think more places for us to go.

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