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perto de Lake Louise, Alberta (Canada)

Route starting on Lake Louise (Banff). Well marked path to first summit ( little Beehave). From there a path on your left (not well marked) will take you to Mt. St. Piran (2700 m). Only the last part is not clearly marked, but the summit is easily spotted so no problem to follow the route.
From the summit, we did a descent to Lake Agnes, which was the most difficult part.There is no path. You must descend a 40-45% slope on loose terrain, even more difficult if there´s snow or ice. At some point you´ll find a rock wall that you will have to manage either abseling or traversing to the left to get te left part of the slope which takes you to the lake. It´s easy- moderate only if you are used to mountaineering, otherwise can be a little scary. From there climb the Big Beehave and from there down to Lake Louise with a detour to see the glacier plain.


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