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895 m
19,03 km

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perto de Rogers Pass, British Columbia (Canada)

A beautiful approach to a classic climb. The trail starts with a gentle slope and gets steeper as you hike along. The toilet marked on the trail is an outhouse minus the house part! At the spot marked SADDLE there are metal containers to stash extra gear safely from the critters. Most climbers travel in pairs with a rope above this point but if you're careful it's much faster to scramble. However, if the rock gets wet you are really going to wish for a rope and a partner. I recommend checking the weather reports and canceling if there is a chance of rain, and leaving early and getting off the ridge before afternoon thunderstorms develop.

Took 3hrs going up, and 2.5hrs coming down the ridge, but I was moving slowly being very careful not to up-climb anything that I wouldn't want to down-climb! I'm guessing that someone more familiar with the route would do it in around 4hrs. The whole hike took over 11hrs.


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