• Foto de Mount Loki
  • Foto de Mount Loki
  • Foto de Mount Loki
  • Foto de Mount Loki
  • Foto de Mount Loki
  • Foto de Mount Loki

Hora  7 horas 37 minutos

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2.787 m
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16,13 km

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perto de Kaslo, British Columbia (Canada)

Turn up the well signed Portman Creek Road (waypoint provided), and make your way to the PARKING waypoint - this is a decent 2wd logging road. I camped right at the trailhead. The trail starts out steep gaining 2000' in the first .8 miles. Here you have a choice between the Ridge Trail (left) and the Traverse (right). The Ridge is slower I'm guessing, it climbs steeply and then descends before starting up Loki, so I took the Traverse both ways. Saw several large black bears in the meadow before the saddle, and they weren't particularly afraid of me at first, but did eventually head for the timber. The entire route can be done without the use of your hands to give you an idea of the difficulty.
Round trip was 7.5hrs moving time.

Update: 2011, Looks like they punched the road in a little further, have no idea if you can drive up there ore not.


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Portman Ck Rd

6 comentários

  • Dan Ashman 23/ago/2010

    Travel time was about right. But my altimeter said the starting elevation was 5357 feet (1633 m). So the elevation gain was more like 3733 feet. My topo says the peak is 9090 feet which agreed with my altimeter (2771 m).

    I never saw any choice between a Ridge Trail and a Traverse Trail. This trail went through the Portman Notch.

    As for moderate, forget it. This trail is difficult. There is no way you can complete this hike without using your hands.

  • Foto de christian_r

    christian_r 23/ago/2010

    I believe the starting elevation is indeed approx. 4473', and it is not that difficult to make this hike without using your hands, I do however recall one spot where I used my knee to catch my balance.

    The sign where the trail splits was kinda hokey, probably fell down and that's why you missed it.

  • Danette 8/ago/2014

    Everything is relative. I would say this trail is moderate as well. If you have exposure issues, however, it could be difficult. For those who like a bit of easy (very easy - almost hands free) scrambling, this is for you! Trip time is right, and I'd say take the Ridge trail (left), as it's way more interesting, and has spectacular views!

  • Danette 8/ago/2014

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    Stunning views, and a super fun hike for those who love some easy scrambling and don't mind a work-out! 7.5 hours moving time, and steep in sections.

  • trevor.roth 5/ago/2015

    Eu fiz esta trilha  Ver mais

    The road is pushed farther now so its shorter.

  • Ed Wiens 2/jan/2017

    I am planning to summit Mount Loki with some friends in late July 2017. We are rather inexperienced climbers. Any assistance and comments will be helpful.
    Ed Wiens

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