• Foto de Maisan 마이산
  • Foto de Maisan 마이산
  • Foto de Maisan 마이산

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perto de Wŏrun, North Jeolla (South Korea)

The best way to tackle Maisan is to hike up from the southwest. It is a steep ascent at first, but once you get up to Gwangdaebong peak, it is a leisurely stroll along the ridge with fantastic views of Maisan twin peaks in the far distance. The mountain is named after it reminded someone of horse ears!! Crazy silly person... The guy must have been drinking too much makgeoli because it looked more like one gigantic conglomerate rocks that have been deposited by a river long long time a go. I didn't see horse ears, but I ate plenty of spicy pig trotters, Shin Ramyeon and German chocolate! I did drink makgeoli, but not enough for me to see horse ears... A group of seven of us hiked very slowly, taking more time taking photos of the spectucular scenery and photos of fellow silly hikers, acting abnormally from breathing in too much fresh mountain air!


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