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perto de Tonghoué (New Caledonia)

Distance: 7.2 km.
Elevation low/high/total: 455/1054/766 m.
Difficulty: 9.4/10.
Scenic: 9.6/10

This is a fairly brutal hike, but eight hours of persistence paid off and we are able to put this one in the books. Most folks, I believe, hike this route in a counter-clockwise direction. One parks at the Auberge de Koghi, strolls to the waterfall and then climbs the very (VERY!) steep path to the top of Mount Mone and continues. We went the other direction. I think it was the right move, but either way is very tough.

Our route up was to climb My Bouo first and that route is very technical - involving mostly sharp rock navigating - much of it under rainforest cover so the rocks are covered with moss and very slippery. The possibility of twisting an ankle or taking fall and having a very nasty landing is very real. It took us 3.5 hours to scale the first peak. Next, you hike/scramble the saddle over to the taller peak Mt Mone. The view from both peaks and at many locations all along the "hike" are quite spectacular. We had lunch at Mt. Mone and then faced the daunting task of getting down off that peak. Measured by our geotrack the slope exceeds 45 degrees for the better part of a full kilometer and the surface is slippery red mud with sharp embedded rock. We did most of it sliding on our butts (my hiking shorts got destroyed). Fortunately, I brought gloves else my hands would be shredded.

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