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perto de Moore Falls, Ontàrio (Canada)

This is the return portion of a 2 night, 3 day solo kayak trip to Queen Elizabeth II Wetlands. Some open lake paddling but mostly rivers and small lakes. The portages are marked going both ways (often with a dock) and in good condition up to Crooked Lake. Weather was fantastic in June but the bugs were bad. Some pretty scenery and definitely solitude. Saw a fair amount of wildlife on the trip including ducks, loons, herons, hawks, possibly an eagle. Numerous beavers, an otter, and of course fish, frogs, and chipmunks.

This should give you a good idea of the distance, time and portage info (length and locations). The start point is a nice campsite on Crooked Lake. The finish point is a public dock that has some parking. The start of the trip is listed here Head Lake to Crooked Lake.
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Portage 4

35 meters, easy portage

Portage 3

Longest at 190 meters, but still good.

Portage 2

A short one at 40 meters, easy.
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Portage 1

Length is about 100 meters, winds a bit and some elevation change but still pretty easy.


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