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perto de Ladner, British Columbia (Canada)

At any tide level, the Ladner Marshes circular route between Williamson and Kirkland islands is a calm, quiet, and secluded outing in the midst of an increasingly developed and built-up Lower Mainland/Lower Fraser River Valley of British Columbia. You almost feel as if time disappears and the river might be as it was 10,000 years ago. A kayak or canoe is a good choice as the crossings are short and the area is protected from the worst weather. Of course, a strong westerly storm can still froth up the river.

The total distance is only 5 nautical miles, or 9 kilometers. I turned off wikiloc only after driving down the road a bit. A good time around is 2 hours, and 3 hours if you want to explore more of the side channels and do some bird watching. This trip was done in a little over an hour, but I was moving at a good clip the whole way around.

In the marsh

The passage is still at least 25 meters wide, good for a large group, and totally protected. This night were were out looking at the eclipsed Harvest Moon, a likely once-in-a-lifetime chance to see it. Such fall total eclipses of the fullest full moon happen only every few decades, and of course a cloudless night is required.

Back into the Main Fraser

The tidal and rivers flows can be a factor, especially in the spring, and especially if against a strong wind. Aside from one crossing of about a kilometer, across the main channel of this south south channel of the South Fraser delta, the exposure is not significant. One can stay close to the shoreline for good protection for most of this route back.


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