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perto de Whitney, Ontàrio (Canada)

The start of a 5 day/4 night canoe trip in Algonquin Park, going from the town of Whitney to Cache Lake (approximately 60 kilometers). We arrived in Whitney around noon and had plenty of time to line up a canoe at Opeongo Outfitters and get our permit at Algonquin Park's East gate (just north of town). From the access point, it took us about 2 hours to paddle to our campsite. The winds were from the west and strong, so we hugged the southern shoreline. The weather cleared while we set up camp at a very nice site where we had a great dinner and were treated to a beautiful sunset.

Tomorrow's trip is: Aubrey Lake to Welcome Lake

Logistics notes:
After getting our permits and canoe lined up we drove our car to the finish point at Cache Lake and hitch hiked back to the start point in Whitney. We were picked up almost immediately and it was nice to know our car would be waiting for us at the take out point. I had left foam pads and ropes in the car (tote-a-boat) so we could easily return the canoe and save the outfitters $25 pick up fee.

The starting access point (#13) is at the corner of Ottawa and Second Avenue in Whitney and has a parking lot and a dock. A grocery store is just up the street and the Outfitters had a good selection of camping stuff including freeze dried food. Load up the canoe, head west on the lake and you are on your way.

Island campsite on Aubrey's east end

You will pass very close to this campsite located on an island in Aubrey Lake.

First night campsite

Campsite where we spent our first night, south shore, and on a point.


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