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perto de Courtenay, British Columbia (Canada)

The Courtenay, Puntledge and Tsolum Rivers have their confluence at the northeast corner of downtown Courtenay, about a kilometer from the corner of 5th Street and England Ave. This is a truly urban river, but also a very wild-feeling one. There are almost no buildings on the riverbanks for this entire route, which starts at a public boat ramp by a canoe/kayak/SUP rental/sales/teaching store just on the north side of the old local airpark.

With a 16.23 foot (5m) high tide at Comox Harbour, we hoped to be able to progress further up these shallow and fast-flowing rivers than at any other time. Indeed this trail shows we were able to ascend many small tributaries and side channels and progress up the Tsolum River 1.3 kms (0.7 nm) from the confluence.

This is a very easy paddle in almost any weather conditions up a narrow section of river and surrounded by wilderness. That it starts and winds through downtown Courtenay is amazing.
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The Start

This is the public boat ramp at the north side of the Courtenay Air Park off Cliff Avenue and 20 Street. There is free parking here for about 30 cars.

The Courtenay River

There shortest river in Canada, the Courtenay River is just the end of the Puntledge after it merges with the Tsolum. It is less than 2 kms long.

The Tsolum

With very little current in its end section, the Tsolum is easier to ascend.

Side Channels

The Courtenay River has a broad estuary of side channels that are fun to explore, but are only navigable at high tide.

Paddling into Simms Park

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Back at the Boat Launch at Sunset


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