• Foto de Aubrey Lake to Welcome Lake
  • Foto de Aubrey Lake to Welcome Lake
  • Foto de Aubrey Lake to Welcome Lake
  • Foto de Aubrey Lake to Welcome Lake
  • Foto de Dam portage
  • Foto de Portage at Pen Falls dam

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perto de Airy, Ontàrio (Canada)

This was day #2 of a five day trip and the hardest day of the trip. All the sites on Pen Lake were reserved (Canada Day long weekend) so our site was further on to Welcome Lake. The fourth and final portage of the day was 2170 meters long with loads of mud and the rain started to pour down. We managed to fight off the bugs and slog through the mud to get to a nice campsite about 500 meters north along the shoreline of Welcome Lake. Nice sandy beach with a rock outcropping and stone throne.

The other portages were easy by comparison but the day was a long and tiring one. We wandered around a bit in the north west end of Aubrey Lake (could hear the dam/waterfalls but we missed a small opening between a peninsula and an island). Rock Lake was a nice paddle but Pen Lake had a pretty stiff headwind and it was tough going. The mouth of the Galipo River into Welcome Lake is just west of a large island and the 275 meter portage around the falls is located on the left shoreline. We paddled to the far end of the river mouth through a marsh to access the main flow of the river.

Tomorrow's trip is: Welcome Lake to Louisa

Dam portage

A 100 meter portage around a dam.

Portage at Pen Falls dam

A 375 meter portage around the falls and dam at Pen Lake
Queda d'água

Galipo River Falls portage

A 275 meter portage that is accessed on the left side to get around the falls on Galipo River coming in from Welcome Lake.



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