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perto de Exstew, British Columbia (Canada)

We were here 18 march 2019

-> Approach
​Consequently, the approach will be a lot shorter when you are able to drive over the road. Full disclosure: The approach is actually the only part we did of this climb. We had so much snow that finding our way through the woods without paths proved impossible. We did get a good look at the wall from afar and it looked so much fun! So we would love to have someone climbing it and report back to us. When coming from the main road follow the forest road until the 4 mile indicator. Afterward, the road turns left and right again a bit further. Before the left turn, you need to get off the forest road on a climbers trail through the forest. When you follow the road to far an opening on your right side will give you a full view of the wall.


-> Routes
We wanted to climb a route called 'Where wild things are', a 240 m Grade II 5.8 multi pitch sport climb. But of what we have found online it looks like there is much more to do!

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