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próximo a Puerto Ingeniero Ibáñez, Aisén (Chile)

Rock climbing in Patagonia is a treat for anyone who enjoys this sport, one of the most intimate ways to connect with nature. And at the end of the day, get ready to enjoy a cold, homebrewed beer, a Patagonian asado and great conversation amongst other climbers once you've completed your day of climbing.
The routes vary in difficulty, ranging from grades 5.7 and .12c, so be assured, there is a sufficient challenge for climbers of all levels. There are 30 to 35 set single pitch routes, with lengths not exceeding more than 20 meters or 9 bolts. Gerard and Lili have a file of each route’s topo that continues to grow with the addition of new challenges in this recently discovered climber’s paradise in Patagonia. Contact El Maitenal to reserve your spot: Gerald Dallman (09) 83892832 or Lilian Henríquez (09) 85327680; [email protected] Climbing guides in the area include: o Aventura Tehuelche – Coyhaique: Pimpinela 723; (09) 84118736; [email protected]; o Aventuraysen – Coyhaique: Road to El Claro s/n; Km 8; (09) 51193731; [email protected]; o Rumbo Patagón Limitada – Coyhaique: Camino Coyhaique Alto s/n, Km 10; (067) 2219710; (09) 99985637; [email protected]; o Marco Becerra – Coyhaique: Lautaro 798; (09)88251788; [email protected] o Valeska Formantel – Coyhaique: Lautaro 798; (09) 91239376; [email protected]
The village of Puerto Ingeniero Ibañéz is renowned for its talented artisans who hold the secrets to working with clay from the Levican Peninsula, leather from local goat hides, and the ancient Tehuelche symbols that decorate their valleys


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