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perto de Dąbrowa, Lódzkie (Rzeczpospolita Polska)

Route from Dabrowa to Sikawa neighborhoods through the center of Lodz.

NOTE: GPS accuracy was low. Real elevation difference was +75m / -25m.

0,0k at 215m - Start from Dabrowskiego str (bridge over rail tracks). From the bridge You can see brand new Dabrowa train station of local rail system of Lodz. Trail passes through residential neighborhood with Podolski park until Przybyszewskiego str next to Carrefour supermarket.

2,5k at 215m - Supermarket. Following minor road next to small spring (see 3rd photo) trail reaches park over river Jasien and passes under Smiglego-Rydza avenue to reach park Zrodliska.

5,1k at 215m - Park Zrodliska. One of the nicest parks in Lodz with Palm house of Lodz. Trail leaves the park on Pilsudskiego str following it until Piotrkowska str.

6,8-8,3k at about 220m - Piotrkowska pedestrain street. Main pedestrian area in Lodz full of shops and restaurants. Trail follows it all the way from Pilsudskiego until Freedom plaza.

8,8k at 220m - Oldcity Park with historic tram station.

9,7k at 210m - Helenow Park, one of the oldest parks in Lodz, registered on list of city's monuments.

10,9k at 210m - Saved Park (Park Ocalalych), memorial park for those who survived German Concentration Camps and Lodz's Getto during 2nd World War.

After the park trail follows Wojska Polskiego str until major crossing with Strykowska str.

12,5k at 220m - Strykowska / Wojska Polskiego crossing. Trail continues with Wojska Polskiego str and later with Brzezinska str until shopping center M1. Passes through the parking and with local roads back home.

Lots of nice and green (specially in May) parks. Level easy.

Dabrowa wiadukt


Podolski Park


Park over river Jasien


Park Zrodliska


Pilsudskiego str


Piotrkowska str


Freedom plaza


Oldtown park


Park Helenow


Park of Saved and Dialog museum


Art University of Lodz


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