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perto de Pátra, West Greece (Greece)

Third edition of RunGreece in Patras and my second participation.

Last year I did quite a lot of preparation and training for this specific race to figure out my best performance at this distance (it was actually my first 10k race ever at that time). All was disturbed by the weather and heavy rain - race was delayed, I cooled off and then ran with cold and stiff legs, without much energy left :-/ Back then I was hoping for sub 0:38' performance but it ended with 0:38'50" (still not bad considering conditions).

This year I spent all the summer preparing for long distance mountain races (42k and 50k) and did not do a single speed workout until two weeks before RunGreece. Then I just ran 3 times some intervals to figure out if I can manage ~4'00"/km pace. And this were my expectations this year: a sub 0:40' time... The weather was perfect this year, my legs were pretty fresh (not much running the coming week). I started off with a comfortable pace without looking too much on my watch - this was the plan to run the first round of 5k with whatever feels comfortable and then try to keep sub 4'00"/km pace on the second round. All in all both rounds went pretty nice and both were sub 4'00"/km! And since my gps watch decided to cut the distance 150m short, also the paces for each kilometer were a bit off. As a result, when I was expecting ~0:39'20" final time, it was actually ~35" less and I finished with 0:38'36" (net time) and new PB :-DDD

Overall rank 22nd, age group M35 5th, official time 0:38'41" (net 0:38'36")


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