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perto de Kypséli, Epirus (Greece)

Nice hills run in Tzoumerka, from village Kipseli to church of Agios Kosmas (1140m).

0,0k at 630m - Kipseli Hotel. Start from hotel I've stayed in - Ksenodoxeio Kipselis. First 3,5k are on asphalt with constant ~9% uphill. Fair enough to keep running cadence.

3,5k at 910m - Left with dirt road. After about 5th U-turn on the asphalt, there is a road going right in direction to Skiadades (signposted). Exactly opposite (to the left) starts wide dirt road towards Agios Kosmas (not signposted - at least from the side I approached). Dirt road looks brand new and is almost like asphalt for a runner. Nice views to the peaks start from here! Last kilometer before Ag Kosmas, the road gets a bit narrower and more steep, but still no technical difficulties.

7,4k at 1140m - Agios Kosmas. Very beautiful church hidden under the trees! Awesome views! There is a small refuge next to the church and I met a company of 4x4 drivers travelling around Tzoumerka by dirt road high in the mountains.
Descent continues with dirt road (not so wide and more like 4x4) all the way down back to the village. There are still awesome views to the peaks and Ag Giorgos Kipselis to the left.

12,5k at 615m - Kipseli square. I passed through main square in the village before reaching back to the hotel.

I mark it run, not mountain run, as it's perfectly doable with regular running shoes. About 40% of the run is on asphalt, and the rest on very good condition dirt roads. Awesome panoramic views (see photos).

Dirt Road

Local religioso

Ag Kosmas




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