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perto de Kuokkala, Keski-Suomi (Suomi)

This is a popular track done by a lot of people from the city during the whole year (running, walking, skating, by bike, with children, with pets, etc.). It offers the runner with a lot of places to sightsee and perspectives of the lake, the city and the main bridge. It starts and finishes in a little wooden bridge, but can be started and finished in several places; I strongly recommend to start it here and do the round in the direction proposed in order to reach the city centre at the end and the harbour during the sunset (if it is one in the evening). The track does not show the beaches, but the visitor can enjoy several of them during all the itinerary (some of them equipped with changing rooms and WC).

Kuokkala bridge‎

We are going to take a little path that goes around all the lake. As can be seen in the photos from the next waypoint, the path is indicated with a blue traffic sign of an adult person and a child and a bike. The stairs shown here are a perfect place to start the route.

Take the pedestrian path

We are not going to leave this path at any moment. Another sign that says that we are following the right path are the lampposts made of wood.

Äijälänsalmi old bridge‎


Footbridge on Äijälänranta district,


Good place to a have panoramic view of the lake and the city


Change of path

We enter the city for a few moments and in 100 metres we cross a neighbourhood to reach again the path.
Ponto de observação de aves

Usually some ducks can be seen in this beach


Kuokkala bridge‎

We arrive to the other side of the Koukkala bridge. If you have the chance, visit it at night from the lake. It is lighted perfectly!



Possible stop to stretch

Possible stop to stretch and enjoy the views.

Ylistö bridge

We don't cross it. We finish the route continuing the path.


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