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1.800 m
654 m
16,53 km

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perto de Zásova, West Greece (Greece)

Route from Pournarokastro to brand new refuge in Prasoudi / Prasinovrysi. The refuge was open just previous weekend and we decided to visit the site. All run done on hiking path, marked by local mountaineering club from Patras.

0,0k at 660m - Pournarokastro. Start from small parking in the village (also next to water spring). There is signposted MTB route starting from here as well - we followed the route for next ~2k, all on dirt road.

2,1k at 770m - Short cuts with path. Instead of following the road (more distance) You can take a shortcut at this point with hiking path (signposted from here onwards).

2,6k at 870m - Left to hiking path (next to the house). Just next to the fence of the property, You cut to the left to walk around the house and find small water spring. Again signs from here. Path enters a bit of a forest and offers some shadow. This part (until old refuge of Psarthi) is probably the best section of the whole hike - technical and pleasant.

5,4k at 1370m - Refuge Psarthi / water spring. Quick stop, power bar and drink and we continued up to Prasoudi - the most demanding part of the run (well... hike at this point). Signposting is not great here, but there are million paths You can follow and all are ok as long as You climb in altitude :-P Good reference halfway through the hike is a small shepard house that You can navigate to, and later straight to the peak.

7,0k at 1770m - Prasoudi peak. Awesome views to the whole bay of Patras! Probably the best spot! Next section until new refuge is fairly easy - not much climb, not too technical, perfect for running cadence.

8,4k at 1860m - new Refuge Prasoudi (Prasinovrysi). It was built just next to water spring called Prasinovrysi (green spring), that's why I am not sure which name (Prasoudi or Prasinovrysi) is correct for the refuge. Anyway, it makes very nice impression! New, all stone and wood, clean area and great location just under the highest peak of Panachaiko. We did not really have time for the peak (nor the waether was great here - peak covered in clouds), so after quick break we began our descent.

Descent all done with exactly same path (some very minor deviations only). Again quick stops at the water springs and we were back at the car after ~3h40min (including all stops).

I mark it moderate as for our effort (we did not push it 100%). But the hike from Psarthi to Prasoudi is quite demanding and could be rated as difficult as well. Awesome views (check out the photos) and pretty good weather (well, only on the top not so much).

Dirt Road Pournarokastro


Hiking path to Psarthi


Psarthi water spring


Hiking path to Prasoudi


Panorama from Prasoudi

Abrigo de montanha gratuito

Prasoudi new refuge

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  • Foto de Antonis Hapsas

    Antonis Hapsas 21 de out de 2014

    just awesome ! (like your description too :) )

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