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perto de Yingwanzhen, Hunan (China)

New Hash House Harriers for Hunan, formed after sufficient interest among Foreigners in Closed Group Facebook Blog - "What's New In Changsha?".
Damion Braithwaite also created a Webpage for Hunan H3:-

Seems I (Mr. Fart), was the only Foreigner in Hunan ever to have been on any Hash House Harrier events, let alone set many Trails with 'Cebu H3', and attend over 200 Hash Runs in the Philippines.

I posted to the 'Hash-l Digest' (hash-l@harrier.org) about the proposed 'Hunan Hash House Harriers (H3), Inaugural Run on Friday May 1st from the Mao Zedong statue, near Changsha Normal University, on the West side of the river.

Seems there has been a Chinese Hash in Changsha since May 28th, 2005, called Changsha Hash (http://CShash.com), as their GM, 'Monkey' contacted myself as GM of Hunan H3.

We invited them to join in our Hash Run #001 on May 1st 2015.

It was not a good start as a heavy thunderstorm started in the Yuelu mountain area about 10am. It was very heavy near the proposed end of the Run - Crave Bar & Deli, that was to become our 'Kennel' and had sponsored 20 x Hash Shirts and donated 6 boxes of TsingTao 2000 (12 x 600ml 3.1% ABV) Beer.

These Beers would be used i) at the Start, ii) at the proposed Beer Halt at the top of Yuelu Mountain, 3) At the Kennel for Circle & Down Downs.

The Trail Marks laid by novice Hasher NoName-Andrew were probably washed out by that severe downpour.

Changsha Hash came to the rescue and assisted relaying the trail with shredded paper, and donated another 5 x Boxes of Beer for the Circle. They also brought blocks of ICE (to sit on for the DownDowns - much to the astonishment/thrill of all the virgin Hashers of Hunan H3.

CS Hash also added a 'Game', whereby a Hasher was slid up and down a row of ice blocks on his back, then on his front.
Our 'Sterling novice Hare' - 'NoName-Andrew', was game for a go at this. Another virgin Hasher had a go sliding up and down on his front, then when turned over a Harriett from CS Hash 'rode' him up and down the ice block 'slide' much to the delight on the onlooking Virgin Hashers.

A pretty good Inaugural Hash Run, considering the lack of Hashers with some experience of Hashing (not counting the CS Hash 'Visitors').

We welcomed the help and assistance of GM 'Monkey' and Hash House Harriers/Harriettes from local CS Hash. We hope some Hunan Hashers, will accept the Invitation to CS Hash 10th Anniversary (3 Day Hash Bash) being held in Huitang, Changsha on October 16-18, 2015.

Here's to Happy Hash Trails - "Hash On, On On!!!"


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