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Enviada em 10 de Abril de 2011

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perto de Xianjiangcun, Guangdong Sheng (China)

GZ H3 Run #1096 on 09 April 2011 was hared by the new combination of Pixy Slut and Cougar Bait with an A-B run with the B point being at the Amway hotel in Leung Dong. With a huge turnout of over 60 people it required us to quickly commandeer two taxis to follow the bus out to the run site. Starting right off the main highway and running along a road and then on trail. What was amazing was that the hares used parts of two runs set by Shoeless Ho (iPorn and Filthy Habits were the co-hares respectively) that both ended at the Amway hotel. Run had some challenging parts of both shiggy and steep hills that had the pack moving very carefully. A huge turnout of around 18 new commers will most likely NOT come back after seeing what can happen when a German and a Russian get together to set the trail.

At the circle we had to split all the new-commers into two groups to get them all initiated into the group. Numerous down-downs followed with many people going back up again and again......and again. Some of the ones that this author can recall was that German Lisa was put on ice as she is leaving and going back to Germany. A bunch of pretty ladies were call out for their lovely dress and high heeled shoes. Fuka was called out for having new shoes.....but as it turned out they were not new shoes! As a result, Nikolai was called out for a ratting out Fuka when it was actually he who had the new shoes!!! With night approaching the pack finished up with "Swing Low" and loaded on the bus for the trip back. Our bus driver was nice enough to allow us to overload on the trip back and we ended up at a nice place next to the zoo. Hum, wonder where the meat came from????

Of course we ended up later at the Mango and finished the evening outside. Nice job by the hares and once word gets around on how difficult our runs are most likely we will again have seats on the bus.......


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