334 m
-87 m
13,62 km

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perto de Huangma, Guangdong Sheng (China)

GZ H3 Run #1093 was run on 19 March 2011 and was set by Finger Licker, Boogie Nights and Thumbleprints. Taking us to a virgin run site in the area of Leung Dong, we exited the bus with expectations of a entertaining trail due to the many bamboo covered hills around the "A" point. Finger Licker and Boogie Nights left to set a live trail and after giving them a 15 minute head start, the pack was off. With a total of 27 people on the bus, that left 24 of us to chase them down. Starting with an interesting plunge through a small stream that slowed down some of the less adventurous hashers, we found the trail and expected to go straight into the hills. But it was not to be, with numerous opportunities to go off into the countryside and explore decent looking running trails the hares kept up on the road for several kilometers. Finally at the top of a hill, they set a check opposite from the side of the road they were placing flour. With Filthy Habits eyes firmly fixed on the road straight ahead he missed the check and ended up going about 600 meters down the other side of the hill. This put him well behind the pack when he finally realized the error. Finding the trail again he met up with Screwer and Flashing Snapper who were just enjoying a friendly stroll. After that check the pack was faced with a challenging climb up a very muddy hill that separated the walkers and runners.

Breaking out of the bush and shiggy, the hash found itself on a dirt road that was under construction and this took us even farther up hill. The next check took us into an interesting set of concrete dormitories with the occupants emptying out to watch the crazy runners go by. The hares slyly took us down through the dormitories and out onto another path leading downhill on what at first looked like good trails. This quickly deteriorated and the pack found itself battling thick shiggy finally emptying out onto other trails.

Thinking that we were soon headed in, the front runners were surprised to find several more kilometers to go on road before finally getting back to the start. Sir Kumnavigator and Globetwatter quickly realized that the bus would need to go back to try and round up the rest of the pack. With a new bus driver who was unsure of his driving skills, Finger Licker had to convince the driver to continue driving up the ever narrowing roads. Picking up most of the hashers as we drove, the hares along with Filthy Habits went back up the trail to find the stragglers. With recurring shouts of ON ON, the searchers started finding runners and sending them towards the bus. We knew the last of the hashers was found when we heard Geriatric Panty Sniffer (GPS)providing expert guidance to a virgin hasher (and she most of been at only 13 years of age!) on how he typically leads the pack.....sounds like, sounds like!

With everyone back at the bus we quickly got back on the bus (or as quickly as a bunch of hashers eating food ever moves) and headed back to pick up the three we left at the start point. Finding Sir Kum, GT and Chic Sheik, the decision was quickly made to head straight back to the Mango due to how late it was. The circle was held at the restaurant next to the Mango with those who still had the energy after the Malaysian Master Mess Up Hash. The hares paid heavily for their mistakes.

Of course we continued onto the Mango after the dinner and continued on punishing the hares....


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