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Enviada em 13 de Fevereiro de 2011

Registrada em Fevereiro 2011

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perto de Shuixi, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1088 was run on 12 Feb 2011 and hared with typical brutal German efficiency and detailed planning by Hand Solo and Meatballs. Of course in this case, detailed planning meant that when they told us there would not be any checkbacks.....they were wrong. When they showed a big "X" in the middle of the trail surrounded by flour on the other side marking that the pack should continue.....we should have turned back! As the term "pack" comes from a group of animals that blindly follow whatever is in front of it, the hares should not have been surprised that unclear markings would lead to confusion. With the pack happily hashing off into Russia in winter as the Germans like to do, it was only after we found that we couldn't break the siege of they mystery check that we decided to retreat and find our own way home. Following the constant war hoops of Chic Shiek and the deep throated ON ON of others we made our way back towards the highway and back to the bus. Amazingly, everyone arrived in short order and we were able to get the circle started after a visit by a curious policeman who was hoping to confiscate our beer until confronted by Meatballs who is not known to surrender his beer very easily.

Obviously the large German contingent thinking that we would be going through the lowlands to a relaxing vacation in Paris were surprised at the hills and trails but quickly adjusted to occupying the circle. One of the Germans (Fokko) deciding to impress his visiting parents and repay them for kindly raising him through childhood and paying for his college by bringing them to the best entertainment in Guangzhou. As what happens with so many parents visiting their children here (Hunka Spunk, Dyke Plugger) they finally realized too late that they should have given the children up for adoption years ago and enjoyed life. As a consequence they drown their sorrow in hash provided refreshments as they realize their children won't be able to support their hash dinner costs much less their retirement!

Many downdowns later we began our trek back to GZ and dinner at the Hunan place up from Paddyfield's.


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