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Hora  3 horas 57 minutos

Coordenadas 1311

Enviada em 9 de Janeiro de 2011

Registrada em Janeiro 2011

138 m
27 m
18,77 km

Visualizado 2203 vezes, baixado 15 vezes

perto de Luogang, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run#1083 was expertly hared by the dynamic team of Cougar Bait and Filthy Habits. Through an outstanding combination of expert hash knowledge and pure dumb luck this often vilified pair of respected GZ hashers pulled off most likely the best hash of 2011!!!! While the length, complexity, expert use of looooong checkbacks and a nice mix of very runnable tails interspersed with a little shiggy will likely scare away many other hares from trying to compete for those highly regarded end of year honors, we can only hope that a small level of competitiveness will force them to try. Of course the high goddess of haring, Globetwatter was understandably trying to downplay the sheer brilliance of this weeks run, but even she had to let loose with a few mumbled compliments. Each and every one of the those attending had nothing but praise with Aussie Wayne and his endearing sweetheart Shazza deciding to take a leisurely stroll throughout the trail and the long run so as to fully savior each meter. Their detour, with another male hasher no less (hmmmm how I wonder why it tool so long and Shazza didn't seem happy at the end!) shows how much hashers like to share the things they like. Though some may claim that they were hopelessly lost, in actuality it was most likely that they were just so enamored with the trail they lost track of time......

Without the services of a highly professional Religious Advisor (RA) such as Raging Bullshit or Soggy Biscuit, our illustrious GM, Sir Kumnavigator, ably took the lead with strong assistance from Meatballs and to a lesser degree, Filthy Habits. With jealousy amongst the hashers being plainly evident, many of the downdowns were directed at the rightly proud co-hares. But with returning Malaysian hasher Finger Licker making a return to GZ we were all happy to see that he brought a brand new pair of running shoes that were thusly christened.

The GZ H3 Hash decided to dedicate this weeks run to a Taipei Hasher (Wildman)who was the founding member of Taipei based Bear Hash who died this past week from injuries received in a motorcycle crash. Some of us who knew Wildman very much enjoyed his dedication to the hash, hash culture and the ability of the Hash to make friends of many with totally different backgrounds. Also, Wildman was well know for his complex, long, and challenging tails that could even bring the mightiest of hashers to drooling balls of sweat.....he will long be remembered!



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