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11,0 km

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perto de Xintang, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1075 hared by Globetwatter and Sir Kumnavigator and was attended by about 44 people. The location was new to hashing and consisted of some deep shiggy, newly denuded forests, roads and nice running trails. The hares led the pack on two loooong false trails to keep everyone confused. The wankers/rambo split was a good idea as the front runners (Chic Shiek and Filthy Habits) finished in almost two hours. An excellent circle that went well into the night. The run was a perfect representation of an old hasher's (plackerpass????) desire to have a "family" run. Between children and dogs it was almost impossible to put a foot down without stepping on one or the other. No one was lost and even Sunshine made it back in a reasonable amount of time.


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