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perto de Zhangwu, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1068 hared by Hunka Spunk and Constipation. In what for ever after will be know as "The Double Dutch Disaster" the hares started off with the makings of a good trail. Well marked, runnable and with the right amount of checks, false trails and checkbacks to keep everyone together. But the trouble began on this trail actually the night before at the Mango bar. The two hares spent a lot of time discussing how they wanted to confuse the pack and did so much talking that they kept on getting thirsty. Of course the hares would quench their burning throats with cold Tiger beer. The discussions of hash trickery and ways to confuse the pack wagged long into the night resulting in much beer being drunk. As a result, late at night (or early Saturday morning) the hares decided that their plan was soooooo good that they did not need to go out trail scouting the next morning! Big MISTAKE!!!!!! The next day with the bus waiting for one of the hares to shake off his massive hangover and get to the bus we could tell that we would be in for something special. Now back to the run: Starting off most of the pack immediately went the wrong way even after seeing the two hares start off in the opposite direction. Knowing that they were off the wrong way both Filthy Habits and Just Kathy quickly took off into the bush (hum, not surprising with Filthy!) and found the true trail. Calling back to the wrong way running b@$$tards, with the distinctive ONON the rest of the pack then came the right way. Up, up, up we went and through some half overgrown trails on some risky terrain. So it went for the first "half" of the run until the runner/walker split. Of course we knew that an experienced well regarded hare like Constipation would be the one taking the runners on the split...after all who would think that Hunkaspunk would even think of running this part of it. And actually this first kilometer or two was nice, along a dirt road and with decent views. getting close to one little farm in the distance, evidently Hunkaspunk got it in his mind that he had to stay away from the chickens up ahead (maybe La Zi Ji was still hot about his exploits of the night before) so Hunka made a hard left and took us up a hill on undeveloped trail. Using our hands to climb up we found markings again and tried following the Hunka. Quickly it became evident that a few hundred meters into the bush that the hare had no idea where to go. The few runners (about 9-10) tried many directions before finally finding the trail. Off we went up some more hill and then eventually down again. Breaking back down onto the road we were surprised to see that the running hare was none other than Hunkspunk! Caught by the runners and out of flour the hare was happy to be in our company. Off we went to find the A point and get back to a promised swim. After a few more kilometers of running we came to a split with one trail going straight and one going right. Now the runners were split into two pack with group A having: Sir Kum, Globetwatter, Yan Can Suck, Chic Shiek, Boogie Nights and Filthy Habits. Group A made it to the top of a hill and could see down in the distance the reservoir where the A point was. Going along the top of the hills we heard down below us calling from group B comprised of: Hunkaspunk, Thumbleprints, Just Kathy, and Finger Licker. The first thought of group A was to wait until group B caught up but then it was decided that Filthy Habits was expendable and should go back and find the lost group or die trying. Going back down the hill he couldn't find them and with it quickly getting dark he decided to retrace his steps back up the mountain. Up along the ridge again he began calling out thinking that the two groups had met up and he was someplace behind them. Imagine his surprise when he then heard group b from below the mountain again calling out. About 20 minutes or so later they made it to the top of the mountain and now fully dark group B with Filthy decided to head on in. Stumbling along in the darkness they accidentally found a trail that led down off the mountain. Once back on road Filthy then decided to let out a "OnON" to let the walkers and group A know that everyone was down off the mountain. After calling across the water group B heard the familiar retort of OnOn BUT it came from behind them and from Group A, STILL UP ON THE MOUNTAIN!!!! Evidently group A had become lost after throwing Filthy to the wolves and now they were planning to spend the night on the mountain until hearing the voice in the darkness. Group B also heard the response of Constipation who was coming back to find the pack and had brought flashlights from the restaurant. Constipation and Filthy started heading back up the mountain to find group A and after some calling back and forth to provide general direction on how to get to the down trail, group A met up with Filthy and Constipation. Coming back down off the mountain the trail for both groups was exceptionally slippery from days of rain on the clay and moss. Once down on the road, group A along with Constipation and Filthy then headed to the restaurant. Becoming lost one more time.....seems like a recurring theme......the group finally made it to the finish, exactly FIVE hours after starting! With everyone too exhausted to have a circle we had dinner and made accusations. Getting back to town very late the only way to recover from such an exhausting experience was to have a few more beers at the Mango!

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    Ricky Velez 21/abr/2015

    Dear Friend
    i´m a adventure Racer and a trail runner, I have to go to Guangzhou next june/2015 and I will like to go out on the weekend for a good trail. can I do this route alone? or do you recomend that it is better to find a partner to do it?

    The week that I have to do some good trail running or hiking is 13th and 14th (june), or if you know a treeking club that I can contact, please give me the email.

    this is my email: ricardovelez@protoniluminacion.com
    I´m from Colombia.

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