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45 m
5,12 km

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perto de Yiwu, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1067 18 Sept 2010 hared by Pixie Slut and KGB. Following a economy bus tour of Guangzhou while our new bus driver was learning his way to Mao Feng Shan, we finally came upon our two randy Ruskies: the lovely Pixie Slut and her equally hot sister, KGB. Not knowing if we would end up in a gulag for not following directions we listened carefully while the directions were explained. Not that it helped anyway! The pack started off in two directions and it wasn't until we rechecked one route and coming back from some "xx" we found the the trail actually started off to the left of the trail. Gathering the pack, off we went on one of the hottest days of the year through a small village until we got through and into the countryside. After another checkback we found a trail going up the mountain(up, up, up!) so that we could even try to get closer to the sun. Fortunately the hares took pity on the pack and brought us back early giving us a shortish trail and a total time on in of only about an hour. Giving everyone a chance to get back, get comfortable and rinse off, the circle started with an interesting new choice for the Hash: Vodka Jello Shots! So after passing around the paper cups with multicolor liquid boosters that got the pack all ready for the rest of the circle the fun started. With the absence of our glorious GM, SirKumNavigator, the circle was trusted to the Ass GM, Filthy Habits. Quickly bringing the hares out for their obligatory abuse, the circle got going when our RA, Raging Bullshit, started slinging downdowns for various infractions. One of the first ones was to bring up Hide the Sausage for inviting his two children and brother to GZ without telling them how much of a degenerate he was (until they were locked up on the airplane!) But we quickly took this to mean that the whole sausage family should be named and after a loooong time on ice the sausage links became: brother: Weiner, Son: MiniMeat and daughter: Ham Sandwich. Many accusations followed before we finally boarded the bus back to GZ. The driver once again taking the scenic route got us back to the Mango for a late dinner.


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