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Enviada em 12 de Setembro de 2010

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perto de Lingtou Nongchang, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1066 hared by Cougar Bait and Filthy Habits. Using this auspicious run number that coincided with the famous French victory at Hastings in 1066 (was this the last time the French had a victory?) Filthy might end up going the same length of time until he sets another good hash! Starting off with a run across the reservoir giving the pack a hint of where they would be relaxing afterwards. Wanting to raise everyone's heartrate, the hares took the pack up a steeply inclined hill that was extra slippery due to the rain that was falling most of the day. This week's hares, much like last week's hares, forgot a cardinal rule of nature: warm weather + lots of rain = HEAVY VEGETATION. While the track had hints of potentially enjoyable trail running in dryer weather, the proposed track ended up in nearly impenetrable Shiggy as tall as Filthy Habits. The pack came close to catching the hares on a couple occasions but the deep shiggy kept the hares hidden long enough for them to find a path down from the hill where they got stuck. Amazing enough, our perpetually misplaced hasher GPS was the one who was able to lead the pack off the hill in pursuit of the hares. Going down into a valley and back on to nice running trails the hares cut short thier original plans and looped back through a small village to a "B" point just near the reservoir. Many of the hashers then quickly made their way down to for a relaxing swim that washed away their memories of how (ahem) "challenging" this week's trail ended up being. With Sir Kumnavigator's deep voice resonating across the water (how did he ever sweet talk sheep with that wail?) the pack was dragged from their relaxing watery retreat to take part in the circle. Immediately putting the courageous hares on ice the circle welkumed a gaggle of new hashers, returnees and embarrassed everyone else. A good turnout of about 36 brave hashers who kept the circle running till dark and then again at the hash bash. The most recurring statement heard after the run was that the bar is set and future hares will need to really excel if they hope to set a run worse than that!

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  • Hunkaspunk 17/set/2010

    The whole concept of a Dumb and Dumber hash pirated!

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