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Enviada em 15 de Agosto de 2010

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perto de Bailu, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1062 Hared by Hunk a Spunk and Helmut. They say that a big part of life is just showing up, sometimes the biggest part of the hash is getting to the "A" point. Once again, Hunk a Spunk expected the driver to find a mystery spot based on a Google map print out. So after a short tour of GZ we finally found the start. Starting from an area near the Dumb and Dumber Hash we went on what seemed like an endless series of uphill climbs each worse than the last. Great way to weed out the newcommers so that they never come back again! The B point was in Long Dong where Boxy Pussy has her hash last year. Two big differences from last year: a) water was green, b) NO BOXY! Even after such an exhausting hash most of the pack did not want to swim in the water and we ended up sitting around the pool. Had circle and dinner at that location. Total of 32 hashers for the day.

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  • Hunkaspunk 16/ago/2010

    Still the best hash ever! As will all hashes be with Buddha's coming out of walls in places that seem to come from an Indiana Jones movie. ;-)

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