346 m
61 m
9,12 km

Visualizado 1873 vezes, baixado 4 vezes

perto de Lingtou Nongchang, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1057 hared by Cougar Bait and Filthy Habits. Billed as a short run with a runners/walkers split, the whole thing went to bollocks when on a long backcheck the backcheck symbol was eaten by a flock of young chicks (no not lady hashsers!). Confusing veteran hashers such as Soggy Biscuit, Thumbleprints, Chic Sheik, etc the group milled around for about 20 minutes trying to make a decision.....apparently no one thinking that if you run out of flour you go back and start looking again. Filthy came down from an excellent position up on a the runners trail to get the group going again. The run ended up at our favorite swimming hole and all thoughts of punishing the hares was forgotten after the refreshing swim. Due to the heavy advertising of the hares, we had a group of 42 on a HOT July day. A good time had by all.


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