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perto de Longyandong, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1052 Hared by Hunk a Spunk and Constipation. 30 hashers showed up on a fine warm and clear (by Guangzhou standards) day. The bus ride turned into an adventure as the map provided by Hunk A Spunk confused the driver and it ended up we needed to contact the hares several times to get to the "A" point. Finally on flour, we started out of a small village and up, up, up some hills on decent trails with decent marking. The checks succeeded in keeping the pack mostly together until the runner/walker split. After the split, the runners went on over more (and higher hills) until visiting hasher YoYo came upon the beer stop and was able to find the hidden stash of ice cold Tiger beer. A well played move by the hares to cool off the overheated runners. Think that Chic Shek was especially "hot" after following the lovely Grace and quickly stumbled past the beer so that he could continue following her running shorts. After the beer stop we had a couple of hills that taxed the balancing ability of even the senior hashers. Several people ended up with bruises or brown shorts but no serious damage. The "B" point ended up near the Long Dong bus terminus at a small park. After a "bird bath" at a sink in the public toilets we were ready for the circle.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the 1000th hash we suddenly realized that half the hash management was missing. Did they know something we didn't? Welcoming the new hashers, visitors and returnees then quickly turning it over to the circle for accusations due to our RA, Raging Bullshit, being missing many hashers came up with a great bunch of reasons for our thirty band to drink the golden nectar. Staying at a local restaurant we filled ourselves with a variety of dishes selected by our very own food nazi, Pink Panzer. Down downs continued well into the meal with everyone happy to get back on the bus for the ride to town.


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