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perto de Shuizi’ao, Guangdong (China)

The Platterpuss F@#k Off Run, or the "Get a Life" run. The end of an era with the heart (or some other pulsing part) of the GZ Hash returning to the States after 11 years, 363 hashes, 131 harings, and ruining the virtue of countless Hash ladies. Around 74 people attended this event to ensure that Platterpuss actually did F@#k Off. Mutiple hares (Platterpuss, Soggy Biscuit, Globetwatter, Bottom Feeder) set two excellent A-B runs. The runs started appropriately with Shoeless stepping off the road onto the first part of the trail and then falling on his ass. From that auspicious start we went down through a little village (the first of many) along with the rest of the pack. All hashers continued on together with a slight detour for runners up to an excellent water fall. After the detour, runners came back unto the main trail into a small village for what was to be a beer stop. Unfortunately, the beer stop marking was covered by a car. Past the BS the pack split again into runner/walker trails. The start of the runners trail led us up a step muddy hill that had many people taking two steps back for every step up. The check at the top confused some people who eventually finished well behind the main pack of front runners. Had the circle at a covered pavilion that we ended up sharing with a bunch of curious campers. LONG LONG circle with of course numerous down-downs going to Platterpuss. Jade was finally named in Platterpuss's last official act and foreever after will be known as: Organ Grinder.

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  • Platterpuss 12/abr/2010

    Good summary of the Best Hash EVER!!

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