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perto de Huangpodong, Guangdong (China)

GZ H3 Run #1069, 02 Oct 2010 hared by Sir Kumnavigator and Globetwatter. Billed as an "easy" and "Short" recovery run after last weeks Dutch Disaster the pack of about 34 should have known that we would have anything but that. Starting at our old standby of Bai Yun Shan past the west gate near the hospital we headed off away from our familiar entrance and went down the street to the school. Through the campus and finding a rarely used entrance into the park, we had to huddle up until the hare showed up with some money to pay our way in. Off we went into the park for what was thought to be a mostly flat relaxing run. As though we should have trusted the hares! Going on well developed trails that allowed the runners to go at a decent pace split the group quickly. Deciding that the walkers would take too long to make it back to the finish, the hares decided to set a walkers trail. The one mountain made for a difficult climb with all the front runners huffing and puffing.......and Thumbleprints sounding like she was auditioning for a Japanese porno movie! With a couple long checkbacks and false trails it kept the FRB's relatively close together. Coming down off the mountains and with the pack well tired from the sog, the hares gave everyone a break by having the opportunity to go into a swimming hole for a refreshing dip. All in all, a good run and of course a great circle.


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