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perto de Beibaiyan, Beijing (China)

The Beijing Boxer Hash went to Mi Yun Reservoir for GM Bubba Spook's F@#k off run. Attended by a full bus load the trip to the start point was notable for taking about 3.5 hours. An accident on the highway slowed traffic to a crawl necessitating a detour off highway to find a way around the traffic jam. Jumping back on we had clear sailing to the start point though at a much later time than anticipated.

The run started through a small village which due to the markings slowed the pack down considerably. Finally getting up into the mountains we were able to do some decent trail running until the hares decided to take the pack through some deep shiggy.....getting themselves lost in the process! After hacking through the bushes and finally breaking out onto trail again, Kiss My Mapleleaf had to then call the hares to see where we were to go to next. Starting a conversation with: "you probably noticed we got lost" is usually a circle dicussion not during mid-trail.

With the pack back on track we made up some ground until coming upon an open road which again necessitated calling the hares for additional input. Leading up a road we nearly passed the final ball-busting up hill climb that took an already knackered smaller group of front runners to the point of exhaustion on this very hot polluted day.

Getting back to the bus, and due to the late time we quickly went into the circle and endless accusations for the outgoing GM. With Bubba Spook wearing an interesting contraption of a ballcap, rubber tubing and a funnel, he was feed an endless stream of the hash's amber liquid.

Winding up the circle we moved across the street to a second floor open air restaurant with a much higher level of accomodations than the Hash is normally accustomed. Most likely a nod to the outgoing GM.



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